Vibracise DVD

VIBRACISING is the new, high tech and fun way to get healthy and fit. The DVD included with the Body Vibe system introduces the user to the field of whole body vibration training and science. Hosted by one of the world’s foremost experts on Whole Body Vibration and Alternative Medicine, Keith De Orio M.D and Los Angeles fitness instructor, Marnie Alton. You will learn how whole body vibration training can add a new level of energy, strength, longevity and youthfulness to your life while being expertly guided through 3 vibration workouts: beginner, intermediate and advanced. In addition, more than 44 different exercise positions are demonstrated on the machine, in perfect form, as if you had your own, in home personal vibration trainer teaching you all the right moves.

The DVD goes into the general concepts of whole body vibration and how it works the muscles, cardiovascular system and brain. It describes the difference between External forms of exercise like weight lifting, yoga and tennis versus Internal forms of exercise like Tai Chi and Qi Chong and how these various exercise forms can all be performed on any Body Vibe unit. It gives a brief discussion about the difference between dual motor and single motor vibration devices and why single motor is the only form of Vibration device that should be used at home. Finally, it reviews the use of the Vibraceuticals and the Mind Vibe system. Overall, you will have everything you need to become a Pro Body Viber in no time at all!

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