Whole Body Vibration exercise also called VIBRACISING SM covers a wide range of different exercise formats. Yoga ,Pilates, Tai Chi or aerobics can all be performed while standing or sitting on a Vibrating Platform. In addition, coorective exercise applications like Posturology TM can also be employed with significantly enhanced benefits beyond what is typically achievable using the given exercise system by itself.
The vibrations help to potentiate the effects of the movement performed. Dynamic exercises do not need to be performed exclusively to still get benefits from Vibrating. Just standing on the platform with knees slightly bent can have dramatic effects on balance, mobility, weight loss and vitality. Dr. De Orio likes to use the machine, just standing on it, especially before performing a Yoga or weightlifting workout for added strength and energy.
Body vibration can enhance any fitness regimen or sport activity by improving the body’s adaptive response to a given exercise or by increasing muscle energy expenditure in the body so a more intense workout can be performed.