• How secure is BodyVibeUSA.com?

    BodyVibeUSA.com uses modern web security software and techniques to make sure your credit card, order, and personal information are kept safe. We employ an SSL secure server to protect your personal information on the Internet.

  • When is the best time to place an order?

    Our web site allows us to receive and process orders seven days a week. Use the chart below to determine which day your order will be shipped. The order cutoff time is 3:00 PM EST. Any order placed after this time will be processed the next day.

  • When was the company started?

    Our Company was started 5 years ago based on the wellness and whole body vibration experience of Keith DeOrio M.D. He is one of the leaders and biggest proponents of Whole Body Vibration use for wellness and fitness in the United States.

  • Do you give quantity discounts?

    Our prices are the best you can get with quality above and beyond the standards of our competition.

  • How do I get on your E-mail list?

    Sign up for an account and you will be given the option of being added to our email benefit list.

  • Are there any specialty discounts? ( Schools, Charities, etc.)

    We do offer special discounts to deserving clubs and institutions. You can contact our marketing department at marketing@bodyvibeusa.com to see if your organization qualifies.

  • How does UPS deliver?

    UPS will bring your order to your door and requires someone to be there to receive the order and sign for it unless a no signature delivery is requested.

  • What if I need help assembling my unit.

    The manual has very detailed instructions on how to assemble the unit. It is very simple. Please recheck the manual”s step by step instructions before emailing customer service at service@bodyvibeusa.com

  • What happens if my units fails to work after it is assembled?

    Recheck all connections again. There may be a loose connection or incompletely snapped together connector. The units sold on this website have all been checked and confirmed to work before leaving the factory. There has been a less than 0.2% failure/return rate after selling the product for over 3 years in Europe!

  • What happens if I am not sure if I have one of the contraindications listed on your website or manual?

    Depending on the circumstances, you should consult with your personal physician to determine if you can use whole body vibration for your fitness and wellness needs. Some physicians may feel it is safe to use even if you have one of the contraindications listed. The contraindications listed are general recommendations and may in the future be removed once more data is obtained as to the safety and efficacy of whole body vibration in relation to the specific condition.

  • What are Bodyvibeusa.com’s email addresses?

    Customer Service: service@bodyvibeusa.com

    Sales: sales@bodyvibeusa.com

    Marketing: marketing@bodyvibeusa.com

    Supervisor: supervisor@bodyvibeusa.com

    Webmaster: webmaster@bodyvibeusa.com

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